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    • What are the real estate indicators?
      The real estate indicators are set of figures and percentages that infer the direction of the real estate market in KSA.
    • What is the real estate indicators platform?
      It is digital platform that shows real estate indicators and aims to enhance the transparency in the Saudi real estate market and is updated on quarterly basis and supervised by six government agencies.
    • What properties are currently on the platform?
      The following properties: (commercial land, building, apartment (Flat), residential land (housing), Villa) for sales, transactions and areas indicators.
    • What is the motivation to launch the platform?
      Contribute to enhancing the transparency of the real estate market in Saudi Arabia to provide information on prices and deals in various regions of the Kingdom over the past years.
    • Does the platform cover all the regions of the KSA including its cities?
      The platform covers all the cities of the Kingdom. Moreover, for the five main cities (Riyadh - Jeddah - Dammam - Makkah - Madinah) the user can search on districts level.
    • What are the real estate indicators categories?
      The platform present four categories: 1- The first category (Sales Price), which include the Average sales price per square meter of the property and the Property sales price index. 2- The second category (transactions indicators) refers to the number of Sales transaction, the value of sales transactions and the Average sales price per transaction 3- The third category (area indicators) mean the average area of sold properties and the percentage change in the average area of the sold properties.
    • Does the platform show the real price per square meter of the property in the city or neighborhood?
      The platform does not show the real value (actual) per square meter of the property but it shows the average price of the sales or rent transactions that occurred in that place during that period of time as the platform is an informed source and does not provide any price recommendation or commercial indications.
    • What are the periods of time covered by the platform?
      Information can be obtained for each quarter from the first quarter of 2008 to the second quarter of 2019 for each property type (residential land, commercial, villa, apartment and building) for indicators (sales prices, sales transaction and area). However, the platform has different historical data in some cities, so not all Cities provide data from 2008 based on transactions during that period.